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Whether it is a sculpted row of dunes in some arid desert, a shaft of brilliant sunlight stabbing deep into a lush rainforest or a twisted yet graceful spire of rock reaching for the clouds, I find our planet to be a wondrous and beautiful place. Even a fleeting glimpse of some abstract composition, in the steel and concrete maze of a city, can bring a moment of appreciation for mundane or even otherwise ugly man-made objects. Our world is a constant source of inspiration and endless photo opportunities.


This site exists so that I might share some of these wonders, these frozen moments in time, with others who are exploring our world online. The world as seen through my eyes and moments captured with my cameras, for anyone else to view and hopefully, to enjoy!




Welcome to the new sublimephoto website!


My goal for this new site is... simpler, cleaner and better. More consistent site navigation with no frames for easier content linking. The galleries are all visually consistent and simplified too, but offer keyboard navigation as well as a nice fullscreen slideshow option.


Hopefully you'll like the new gallery page layout too: big, bold thumbnails with less distracting text - instead, most descriptions will reside in each gallery as needed. The gallery page will offer better indexing to specific areas and be split up into logical sections.


Each long page will offer an index, plus many "top" links throughout, to allow a quick return to the page's top where the main site links and the page's index are.


I hope you enjoy this new site! If you have any feedback, good or bad, please feel free to email me. Please note that parts of this new site are still under construction...





Site Info


On this site, you will primarily find a huge range of photographs organized in many different image galleries. If you have questions, comments or feedback, you'll find an email link near the top-right of every page.


On longer pages (like this one), there will be "[top]" links beside section dividers - they will bring you back to the top of any page for access to the site's main menu. Alternatively, you can just press the "home" key on your keyboard.


The image galleries utilize Javascript and CSS and only require Flash for the slideshow feature. Those pages that contain time-lapse movies or interactive VR panoramas require Apple's free Quicktime software. This site was created using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and Photoshop CS3. Image galleries were exported using Adobe Lightroom v2 using Matthew Campagna's awesome ShadowBox web-gallery plugin available from


The web counter on the homepage is continuing on where the old site left off, roughly being at 21,200 when the new went live on September 1st, 2008.


This site is now being hosted on FatCow's green servers, as of May 27th, 2012. If you manage to find a bad link somewhere on this site, please do email me and let me know - thanks!




Gallery Help


On each gallery page, you will see large thumbnails, each being an image from its corresponding gallery. Click on this large thumbnail to enter the image gallery. Gallery thumbnails are presented in reverse order, with the newest at the top of the page.


When you enter an image gallery, you will be presented with a page of smaller thumbnails. Hover over a thumbnail to see the image's filename or corresponding caption, if there is one. For large galleries, scroll down the page to see all the thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail to bring up a magnified version of the image. As a convenience for those with smaller displays, magnified images will always stay within your window's boundaries, so if you want to see the images large, make your window bigger! Large images are between 800 and 1500 pixels along their long edge.



Previous: navigate to the previous image by pressing the left arrow key on your keyboard, click the left button at the bottom right of the image or click directly on the left side of the image (you will see an overlaid arrow as you hover over the image). Note that some versions of Internet Explorer do not seem to accept "on-image" clicks in these galleries, but Firefox, Safari and most others do.


next_button   Next: similarly, to navigate to the next image, press the right arrow key on your keyboard, click the right button or click directly on the right side of the image.


close_button   Close: click on the darkened background behind the image or on the 'x' button to close the magnified image and return to the thumbnails.


On most galleries, you will also see a "Slideshow" link near the top right of the page when viewing thumbnails: this will activate the slideshow feature which will automatically move through all the images. Click on the "X" button at the top right of the slideshow screen to exit, or press the "Esc" key on your keyboard. Click the "Full Screen" link at the bottom right of the slideshow window to enter full-screen mode, and press "Esc" to exit. Use the pause, left and right buttons (just like on a tape-deck) to control the slideshow.




Copyright Notice


This site's design, content and all images are, except where noted, Copyright © 2001-2010 Mike Mander. All rights reserved.


No unauthorized reproduction of images or text from this site is permitted. Linking to this site or linking to pages on this site is allowed, however you may not download individual images or text for use in print, or for use in any other website or electronic publication without prior permission. As a courtesy, if you add a link from another web page to a page on, please notify me when you do - thanks!


Please feel free to contact me for further usage information or requests. Please see the Purchase Page also.




Previous Sites


If you are interested in my previous websites (they will open in a new window), here is a link to the last website. In addition, my first photography site is here: Southwestern Scenics. That site was never really completed and was all pre-digital - all images there were from scans of 6x7 or 35mm transparencies. Eventually, I intend on bringing my film camera work over to this new site as well!



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