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This website exists so that I can share with others my experiences and images of some fascinating landscapes that I have photographed over the years. I have named the site "Southwestern Scenics" because the desert region of the American southwest is one of my favorite places to visit and photograph, and most of the images on this site are from that area. I will also have photographs of locations other than the US southwest on this site in the future. Since I live in the very southwestern corner of mainland British Columbia, Canada, I feel that the site name is still appropriate when posting images of the Vancouver area. I will have images of other parts of BC, Washington, Oregon and Idaho also, but I can't see how to categorize these as "southwest" in any way... so you'll just have to deal with the inconsistency!

For those who are curious, my home page background image is a recent photograph taken in lower Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona near the city of Page. The light that filters into this slot canyon -bouncing off the sandstone walls on its way down- is truly amazing. I use Fuji Velvia slide film for my slot canyon photos since this film captures nuances of colour and light beautifully and has incredible colour saturation.

The main focus of this site are the image galleries. Each gallery contains thumbnail images from one state, province or area. The galleries are further subdivided in logical groups by national park, state park or region. Clicking on this region title will take you to the locations page with a brief description of the area in question. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a larger, titled version of the image. From here you can navigate to the previous and next images in the gallery as well as returning to the thumbnail page. It's all very simple really...

The equipment page describes the gear that I currently use to take my photographs as well as gear that I have used in the past. It also describes the computer system, film scanner and other equipment that I used to create the images.

The links page contains, of course, links to other interesting (to me, anyway) sites that I would like to share with you. National Parks info, outdoor recreation sites, photographic and computer equipment manufacturers and so on.

The bio page contains a brief description of my history with photography and computers. It is clearly the least interesting page on this site - besides this one perhaps!

If you're interested in obtaining prints of any images on this site, would like to report any broken links or have any comments in general, please contact me via email at mander@telus.net.


Some facts and figures on the locations page courtesy of "The Story Behind the Scenery" series of books by KC Publications, Inc. as well as U.S. National Park Service park brochures. Any mistakes or incorrect facts on this site are accidental and strictly my own fault.

Mike Mander
August, 2000